Why choose us?

I founded the Nanny Connection based on nearly 30 years of experience working as a professional Norland Nanny and 10 years specifically working in the childcare recruitment industry, for which I was fortunate enough to win awards. As a working mother of two children, I know the importance of experience, empathy, commitment and structure in providing quality childcare. Our clients place their trust in us and in return, we invest time and resources to ensure that we connect only the most appropriate, qualified professionals to the specific needs of every child and each, unique family.

Allie Bell
Founder & CEO

Our mission and values

Our core values reflect our belief that professional childcare is so much more than a job. Successfully contributing to the positive physical, mental, behavioural and educational development of children is both an honour and a privilege. Our mission is to ensure that our work and the relationships we build with each family, always reflect this.

Care begins with respect

Respecting the individual needs of each child and family is essential to understanding and empathy - the basis of true care.

Trust is always a privilege

We never forget that being entrusted with the care of children, represents an enormous commitment by our clients and is a privilege for our team.

We celebrate difference

It is the fundamental right of every child and family to have access to high standards of childcare; irrespective of gender, race, colour, creed, disability status or sexual orientation.

Through connection we grow

Relationships with people with shared values enrich lives. Successful childcare engagements provide joy and security to children, families and carers alike.

Finding the right nanny

Here at the Nanny Connection we believe it is important to find the correct Nanny for your family and take the time to fully understand your family’s needs. In the UK, the Nanny Industry is unregulated, and without proper guidance and advice it can be easy to hire the wrong person. We have developed a thorough and stringent process, so we connect as a team, and we all understand exactly what we are looking for, before we start the Nanny search. There is no “quick fix” when it comes to childcare. If you cut corners and hire the incorrect person, this will negatively impact your timings, finances and the experience of your child.

Educating you to become a great employer

We will make sure you fully understand what it requires to become a great employer; giving you confidence, knowledge and a quality selection of candidates. To maintain the highest possible professional standards, all of our candidates are qualified in childcare, and so have a base of knowledge in child development and key milestones, can provide educational activities that are enriching and fun and will be able to spot developmental, health or behavioural issues. Most importantly our qualified candidates will be able to emotionally connect with your child and will be confident in their knowledge and ability.

What you can expect from us

We are passionate about raising the quality of home-based childcare. By encouraging the very best care within families’ homes, and educating and guiding parents through this process, we hope this will secure standards and bring them in line with other parts of the childcare and education sectors. We will strive to work with all of our families to understand their individual needs and to find the perfect solution for their children.

Our happy clients

I have had an amazing experience with Allie via The Nanny Connection. She has helped me make a portfolio to show other parents when getting to the interview stage..she has been very professional, lovely, and responds to my emails and questions very quickly.

Sophie Rodemark

Allie from The Nanny Connection is dedicated and takes the time to listen and understand the role you are looking for. When registering I was treated as a professional, respected and valued. Registering at the Nanny Connection was easy, straightforward and stress free. Allie made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence to believe in myself, especially when job searching through Covid times. I would highly recommend Allie Bell and The Nanny Connection.

Maria Culley