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Finding the perfect nanny match in London requires thoughtful consideration of your family’s unique needs and priorities. At The Nanny Connection agency, we approach each search with care and intent to understand the childcare position you aim to fill.

More than just babysitters, exceptional nannies become trusted partners in nurturing children’s growth and development. Our rigorous recruitment process vets candidates on essential qualifications, then further assesses compatibility factors that support positive outcomes for the children. We take pride in making meaningful connections between families and nannies whose attributes align for the benefit of all. Whether you seek part-time or full-time help, our goal is to ease your search and provide the insights and network to secure London’s best nannies suited for your children.

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We connect families with dedicated, qualified nannies who offer care and support for your child.

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Maternity Nurses

We offer the very best maternity practitioners to enable a smooth start to your new journey as parents.

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If and when you feel you need support in a particular area, we have an expert on hand to guide you.


Nanny hire in London

Finding a nanny in London who truly connects with your child is one of the most important qualities to look for. We prioritise deep bonds and nurturing care in our candidates. Our nannies focus on understanding each child’s unique needs and catering one-on-one care to support their growth and development.

Whether you seek part-time or full-time help, we find nannies who create comfortable, engaging environments where children thrive. From feeding and bathing to promoting key milestones through personalised activities, our nannies have exceptional qualifications and experience.

Contact The Nanny Connection

If you are looking for a professional nanny in South East London who can provide fully personalised home-based childcare services, we would be thrilled to explore with you how we can best support your family. Contact Allie, founder of The Nanny Connection by calling 0207 060 3630. Alternatively, you can use the form below to send us a short enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.

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South East London Maternity Nurses

For parents at the beginning of their parenthood journey, we offer specialist maternity nurses and night nannies in South East London. Our primary objective is to provide expert assistance precisely when you need it, ensuring a seamless start to your parenting experience.  Services include feeding, bathing, changing, establishing sleep routines, as well as general nursery duties. We can provide targeted advice on breastfeeding, sleep training and behavioural support for older brothers and sisters who may be struggling with the new arrival.

To provide you with complete peace of mind, all our maternity practitioners hold additional qualifications in postnatal and newborn care, having gained professional experience whether that’s neonatal nursing or midwifery. This ensures their expertise and competence in delivering exceptional care to you and your baby.

Childcare Consultancy in South East London

The Nanny Connection has a wealth of practical experience and formal qualifications in the field of childcare, positioning us ideally to offer valuable guidance and consultancy support whenever you require it. We recognise that each child follows a unique developmental path, and our expert advice can greatly benefit all parents.

Whether you need assistance in establishing healthy daily routines for your child, including sleep, feeding or toilet training, or you need particular help addressing challenging behavioural situations, we are here to assist you. Our consultants listen with empathy and patience to fully understand your individual concerns.

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What Parents Say

Daniella Mizon
29 October 2023
Allie's level of professionalism is exceptional, and without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend her nanny agency to anyone in search of employment.
The Bilingual London Nanny
3 May 2023
I have registered with The Nanny connection last year as a nanny and since then I follow Allie on social media and recently at a nanny conference. Allie is very friendly and helpful. She created my portfolio as I asked her to make it and it came to me as I imagined it! At the conference, she run a workshop about the perfect nanny job. All the information were to the point and she even gave us a booklet with possible questions or a nanny's questions, how to be prepared for the interview etc. I used the ideas of the booklet recently to an interview and it went pretty amazing! Also, I bought a bunch of online courses which are so useful in a very reasonable price. I highly recommend The Nanny connection and their services. Allie is fantastic!
Katya Constant
29 March 2023
Allie did a fantastic search when we started looking for a nanny for our baby daughter. Allie took care to understand our criteria and preferences, and all the candidates she sourced were of very high quality. Allie is friendly, super responsive around the clock, thoughtful and responsible. Thank you so much for your help!!
Clara Corchado
26 February 2023
It was a pleasure working with The Nanny Connection, they gave us a personalised service, very responsive, all the candidates they proposed were exactly what we were looking for
Nadja Huber
2 December 2022
Loved working with Allie. Highly recommend her.
23 September 2022
Allie’s agency is the only agency I will ever use. Unlike other agents, she genuinely spends a lot of time understanding your brief and finding the right person who suits you. And unlike most agents, she doesn’t push or pressure you into a candidate who doesn’t match your family. I have been using Allie for years and she is truly warm, caring, and helpful beyond measure. She even gave me helpful tips when I was a new mum. Just an all round lovely person and I recommend her to everyone I know! I promise you that you won’t find anyone better or who will be in your corner more!!
Tarana Shivdasani
24 January 2022
Allie spent a lot of time understanding the brief, and what exactly we were looking for in a nanny. To that end, every candidate she put forward was compelling, unlike other agencies where they send you whoever they have on their books. It was clear that she had spent time and effort ensuring we were looking at credible options. She was also incredibly responsive, professional and patient through out. Thank you Allie!
Jana Gherabli
5 January 2022
The best agency I have dealt with. Allie is very professional, helpful and really helps with everything. Every time I have been looking for jobs she found me a family.
30 September 2021
A huge thank you to Allie for kindly going over my CV for me & completely jazzing it up! A simple layout change has made a huge difference ☺️
Sophie Harkness
23 August 2021
Allie was great at taking the time to understand exactly what we wanted and needed in a nanny and also showed us how to identify those qualities in the candidates during the interview process. We were not inundated by potential candidates who almost met our criteria as Allie ensures that the cvs we received where relevant to our requirements, which meant we didn’t have any wasted interviews. Great for anyone who is time poor but has exacting standards! Would definitely use Allie again!

Our Nanny Recruitment Process

At The Nanny Connection in London, we are fully dedicated to the task of finding the perfect nanny for your family, ensuring that your child receives exceptional care from a skilled and professional caregiver. To accomplish this, we go to a lot of time and effort to gain a thorough understanding your family’s specific needs through personal interviews with parents or guardians, whether conducted in person or via Zoom. We firmly believe that selecting a childcare professional is a hugely important decision, and we actively encourage parents to be fully engaged in the process.