Maternity Nurses

The Nanny Connection are pleased to offer new parents the very best maternity practitioners and maternity night nannies to enable a smooth start to their new journey as parents. All of our maternity practitioners will also follow our traditional values, have a minimum qualification in post natal and newborn care, at least 2 years experience of working with families with newborn babies, CPD in breast feeding, tongue tie and sleep training, and would have usually branched into maternity work from being a Nanny or working in a child care related setting, or alternatively a neonatal nursing background or midwifery.

The Role of the Maternity Nurse & Maternity Night Nanny

A maternity practitioner will be able to help and support new parents in all aspects of caring for their newborn baby, allowing parents the balance to rest and re-cooperate after giving birth, as well as guiding them and giving reassurance and confidence in their new roles. ​ They will provide practical help with the care of their baby which will include

  • feeding
  • bathing
  • nappy changing
  • dressing
  • how to wind correctly
  • settling your baby at sleep times

Based on the approach you would like to follow, they can either create a tailored routine for your baby to adjust to, encouraging structure for you and your baby, or alternatively follow more of a baby led approach.

They can also provide guidance on either bottle or breast feeding, or combination feeding.

Maternity practitioners are responsible for Nursery Duties which include:

  • sterilising bottles and equipment
  • keeping the nursery clean and tidy
  • changing cot sheets
  • the baby's laundry and organisation of the baby's clothes
  • maintaining the supply of nappies and emptying any nappy bins.

They can also support and include siblings with the new baby​, encouraging acceptance and developing their new role as a big brother or sister.

A maternity practitioner will usually work 24 hours, with a 4 hour break daily for up to 6 days a week. The average duration of the booking can vary from 2 to 12 weeks, but this can vary and be longer. A maternity night nanny works usually between the hours of 9pm-7am.


The maternity practitioner will share a bedroom with the baby at night to enable parents to catch up on their sleep. If you are breastfeeding, the maternity practitioner can bring baby into you to feed and once finished, the maternity practitioner will then wind, nappy change and resettle.


Maternity Practitioners are self employed and and are responsible for setting their own rates, which we will quote to you when sending you their information. They are responsible for their own taxes and insurance.