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Nanny Portfolios


PROFESSIONAL NANNY PORTFOLIOS Should I have one? Here at The Nanny...

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Tongue Tie-What is it?


Tongue-tie (also known as ankyloglossia) is a condition present at birth that restricts...

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Our Favourite Teethers


Top Tips for Teething When it comes to teething, there are many teethers...

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Top 10 Baby Bottles from Newborn


Top 10 Favourite Baby Bottles from Newborn This week we have done some research...

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Building Resilience in Children


Sadly, mental health problems in children are on the rise. Is this because we are...

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The Good Childhood Report


The Good Childhood Report Have you heard of The Good Childhood Report? Do you...

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Loose Parts Play


What is Loose Parts Play? Have you come across this form of play before? You probably...

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Top 10 Books for ages 0-5 years


Our top 10 books for children aged 0-5 years has been incredibly hard to choose from!...

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Our Favourite School Backpacks


Being a mother and having two children at secondary school, I know the importance...

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Our Favourite Bibs


Did you know they are different types of bibs which help with different things. Which...

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Baby Cups


As always, there is a huge amount of choice of baby cups to choose from when you...

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Shared Care Role Top Tips


Are you working in a Shared Care role? Working in a shared care role can have...

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What has happened to Au Pairs?


Although The Nanny Connection does not provide au pairs, we do believe Au Pairs were...

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