What To Look For In a Nanny

When speaking to families on the start of their Nanny search, we ask them what sort of attributes and qualities they would like their Nanny to have. We can gain quite a list, as you can imagine! From additional languages, skills like cooking, horse riding, swimming, sports, singing, playing a musical instrument, certain qualifications etc.

Identify Your Needs

As much as we like to try and find the families super human Nannies, you have to stay realistic. Realistic being the important word. Nannies will come in all sorts of forms, but you may not get all of the perfect qualities you are looking for on one person.

I have lots of requests for Nannies that speak additional languages, but recently due to visa requirements caused by Brexit, they are now fewer Nannies that speak the additional languages. So instead of having the Nanny speak the additional language, perhaps enrol your children into classes, and then your options open up other candidates.

Hiring a Nanny That Wants To Grow and Learn

Another option, is to hire a Nanny who will be open to learning the skill you are wanting. For example, if you would like a Nanny who has nutritional knowledge on weaning and diet, you can put them on a specialised weaning course. This happens in nurseries and schools-e.g. when they have a child with speech and language difficulties, the teacher and teaching assistant would go on a course to learn more about how they could support that child and to develop strategies and knowledge. This can happen in home based childcare too.

Additionally when you are thinking of qualities are important, prioritise what is most important and essential, versus the “nice to have”.

So my advise when searching for a certain type of nanny, or a Nanny with a certain skill set, is to be open minded, as you will open up your options considerably and actually end up with a better nanny than you thought!

Published on: Last updated: 17th January 2024

Any Questions?

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