What Makes a Good Nanny Agency?

There are ALOT of Nanny agencies that have set up over the last few years and as a parent or Nanny looking to engage an agency to help them, this can be overwhelming. Surely all Nanny agencies are the same right? Sadly no this is wrong.

Nanny agencies are also unregulated, as well as Nannies themselves. This means there is all sorts of standards out there. Unfortunately just having a helpful recruiter at the end of the phone is not enough.

Minimum requirements you should look for

  • ICO Registration Number-this is essential in following GDPR requirements and keeping personal details safe and stored correctly.
  • Insurance- This is also essential for any type of business. They should be advertising they are fully insured.
  • Lawful terms and conditions for both client and work seeker
  • perhaps registered with a small business association
  • Clear contact information-phone and email address
  • Transparent social platforms
  • Recommendations and reviews


The recruiter should be knowledgeable on all details of the Nanny Industry, this includes how to become an employer, the difference between all the different terms of wages, advising on payroll and contracts. It would also be beneficial if the recruiter has perhaps worked as a Nanny before, as this gives a good understanding to advise the client on expectations. They should be taking a good amount of time and effort to speak with you about what you are looking for and confirming details before any role is advertised. They should also be making sure terms and conditions are understood and accepted, to protect both parties.


Nannies on the whole apply to agencies if they see a job they would like to apply for. They should expect a registration interview, background checks to be done on their DBS, First Aid and qualifications, and verification of references. If this is not being done then keep away!

There has been an attitude amongst Nannies that agencies are just “in it” for the money. Whilst we do like to be paid for our services, as does everyone, a good agency should have a duty of care to be honest, responsive and respectful. They should offering advice and support about the Nanny’s career. This helps build up a relationship between each party. Nannies should also be accepting work seekers terms and conditions.

There should also be a mutual respect between each good nanny agency. We come across a lot of the same nannies and clients, and it is important we work together to keep standards up. This in turn will help the Nanny Industry as a whole in safeguarding and best practice.

Published on: Last updated: 8th December 2023

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