How Long Does It Take To Find The Right Nanny?

I get asked this ALL the time! The answer is actually different for every family.

However….finding a nanny is NOT a quick process. You cannot rush it-FACT. If you do, there is a higher chance of it not working out. I see it time and time again. You cannot use a “quick-fix”- and why would you want to?

We are realistic though. We understand finding childcare can be stressful, especially if you do have a time restraint, a stressful job, but it is an important decision, and the process should be followed in a timely way.

Our advice

If you are looking for a permanent Nanny, with an aim for them to stay for a few years, leave at least 8 weeks for the process. Why?

It is like anything in life, if you do the proper research, invest time, follow the process properly, you gain experience, you discover qualities, and you gain confidence.

There is a lot to learn when hiring a Nanny, from learning about what a Nanny role is, to what qualifications a Nanny may have, how to employ a Nanny, learning what qualities in a Nanny will work for your family’s needs. Once you have this information and understand it, you will have much more confidence going into the process.

Why use a Nanny agency?

We are experts! We do this every day. We can help with teaching you about the process, helping you decide what will work for you, give you the information on how to employ a Nanny, get you ready for interviews, teach you about all the different qualifications you may see on a CV, what you should be looking out for in a CV, recommend Nanny pay roll services, advice about trial days, contracts and further support once the Nanny is in your role. Win win!

If the Nanny agency you have contacted, does not offer this advice, or does not try to spend time with you as a client, ask yourself-is this the right agency for me? An agency that rushes the process must raise alarm bells.

Also remember, children are little people! They won’t get on with everyone. That is why it is important, that when you have perhaps met a Nanny you like, let them spend time with the children before you make a decision, to make sure they all get on.

If you are looking for a Nanny, and would like our help, do get in touch today!

Published on: Last updated: 17th January 2024

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