How To Avoid Mistakes On Your CV As a Nanny

I have seen lots of CV’s over the years! We do see lots of common mistakes which I will highlight in this blog. Do look out for these mistakes on your CV so you can rectify.

Your CV is the first representation of you to your future employer. Mistakes can immediately put you in the “No” pile. So it is really important you proof read your CV.

Our Advice

Spelling Mistakes

We see this ALL the time! Do check for spelling mistakes!

Using the word “Kids” instead of children

The word “kid” is a slang word, and should not be used in formal writing. This is a particular bug bare of mine! Please always use the word children on a CV.

Capital letters

We read a lot of CV’s where candidates have not bothered to use capital letters. This is lazy in my book. When you are at school, you would lose points for incorrect punctuation. You will also lose points with me! Especially when using “i” for “I”!

Not enough detail

We get CV’s where candidates just list where and what their job was e.g Nanny, London Dec-2019-Dec 2022. This not enough information! We need the ages of the children, core duties of the role, area of the job, Days and hours worked. This helps the reader understand your experience level.

Too much detail

We get the other end of the spectrum, where too much information is given-keep wording concise and meaningful, and try to give different wording on each role listed. This makes your CV much more interesting to read. NEVER give out addresses of employers, what your employer does or where they work, or contact details on a CV. These should be by request only and would be in breach of GDPR.

Not including a Personal Profile

In some professions this is not needed, but in a Nanny role I thin it is important to have one.

Not including Hobbies and Interests

Again, I feel this is important, especially if you are a live in Nanny, as it gives that future employer what you enjoy doing out of work, and what hobbies you may want to do in their home.

Take your time with your CV-this is an important document and it needs to be right. If you need any help or guidance with your CV do not hesitate to contact us.

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

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