How To Find The Perfect Nanny Role For You

When we interview our Nannies, we have a certain list of questions we ask, so we can zone in on what is important to that individual nanny. This criteria helps with matching with families that register with us. But what happens if the information we have is not specific enough?

To aid longevity in a role, it is important to know yourself what is important to you in a role. This may take for you to work a couple of nanny roles to understand what you do and don’t enjoy.

The main points to consider would be:

  • Hours
  • Salary you need (as a minimum)
  • Area-do you prefer a town or country role
  • Commute and distance from home
  • Ages you enjoy working with
  • How many children you enjoy working with
  • Workload/Duties of the role-are there extra duties like PA/Chef/Groom
  • Travelling within a role and what that involves
  • Driving in a role-how often will you be on the road with the children
  • Rest times (do you get any down time in the role ie when the children sleep/at school)
  • Live in or Out or mixture
  • Pets
  • Parenting style
  • Formal/Informal family
  • Babysitting/extra hours

Some suggested activities below to try and come to your perfect job scenario could be:

  • Pros and con lists
  • Write a perfect job description
  • Do’s and dont’s in a role list
  • Piecing together best and worst points of previous jobs on post its
  • Talking to other nannies about their experiences

Build a Nanny Portfolio:

Having a Nanny Portfolio is a very visual way to demonstrate your personality, your skill set and what you enjoy doing day to day as a Nanny, to take to an interview to display to the prospective parents. The family can see what it may look like if they hired you, what their children may be doing daily, how proactive you are and what skills you can bring to the role and whether that will suit them as a family.

If you feel stuck about what sort of role you are looking for, contact us today to go through how we can support you, so you can really zone in or what is important to you in your next position.

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

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