How To Conduct a Nanny Performance Review

A nanny becomes an essential part of the family, taking care of your children, and ensuring they receive the necessary attention and care while you are away. Just like any other employee, it is crucial to evaluate your nanny’s performance regularly. Nanny Performance reviews provide an excellent opportunity to assess their performance, address any concerns, and provide feedback to help them improve. In this blog, we will explore how to conduct performance reviews and what they should include.

Schedule regular reviews

Regular nanny reviews should be scheduled, preferably after the 3 month probation period and then annually, to discuss their performance and set goals for the future. Setting up an appraisal in advance will give both you and your nanny enough time to prepare.

Review job description

The first step in the appraisal process is to review your nanny’s job description. This document outlines their responsibilities and expectations. During the appraisal, you can discuss whether these responsibilities have been met, any areas where they excel or may need improvement. Or if anything has changed and needs to added or deleted. e.g. You may have had another child.

Provide feedback

Feedback is a crucial aspect of the review process. It’s essential to discuss what the nanny has done well and what areas may need improvement. Be specific and provide examples of their behaviour, actions, or tasks. Highlight areas that the nanny has excelled, whether it’s taking the children to educational or fun outings, ensuring their safety, or helping with homework. Also, provide constructive criticism on areas that need improvement. For instance, if you feel like the nanny can do better with communication, give specific examples of instances where they fell short and offer suggestions for improvement.

Set goals

Setting goals for the future is also important. It helps the nanny focus on specific areas of improvement and provides a clear direction on what they should work on. During the review discuss the goals you have for the nanny and let them suggest goals they believe they can achieve. Ensure the goals are SMART

  • specific
    • measurable
    • achievable
    • relevant
    • time-bound

Discuss pay

Compensation is an essential aspect of the nanny’s job. During the appraisal, it’s crucial to discuss whether the nanny’s pay is fair and whether there should be any changes. You can also discuss other benefits such as vacation time or sick leave.

Discuss any concerns

If you have any concerns about your nanny’s performance or behaviour, it’s important to raise them during the review. Be clear and specific about your concerns and give the nanny an opportunity to respond. If you find it difficult to raise concerns, consider seeking the assistance of a third party.

By investing time in an appraisal/review, you will ensure your children receive the best care possible while giving your nanny the opportunity to grow and develop in their role.

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

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