How To Choose The Best School Backpack

Being a mother and having two children at secondary school, I know the importance of a good school bag! Also having been a Nanny I have seen some great options, and not so good! So I have researched the best ones out there, and what to think about when you are looking to buy one.

Our top tips when buying a school bag

  • Durability This is one of the most important things to think about. Will it last? Is it strong enough for files and books? Does your child have a locker or desk at school where he keeps books, or do they bring them home?
  • Size Is the size of the back pack appropriate for my child? Are the straps adjustable and padded, to enable a good and comfortable fit when carrying the bag on their back?
  • How does the bag open and close? Can my child manage with zips, buckles, straps?
  • Waterproof Is the bag water proof to protect what is inside the bag? Or alternatively if something is split inside the bag, is it wipeable?
  • Sturdy bottom Is the bottom of the bag sturdy enough when full?

We have now picked our favourites with all of the above considered!

Our favourites

  1. Jansport Backpacks (Secondary)
  2. Eastpak Backpacks (Primary and Secondary)
  3. Backcare backpacks (large size) (Secondary)
  4. Hershcel Backpacks (Secondary)
  5. Skip Hop Backpacks (Toddlers)
  6. John Lewis Children’s Backpacks (Toddlers and Primary)
  7. Superdry Backpacks (Primary and Secondary)
  8. Nike Backpacks (Primary and Secondary)
  9. Hype Backpacks (Primary)
  10. Vans Backpacks (Primary and Secondary)

All of the above come in different ranges, sizes and styles so it is good to shop around and see what will suit your children best. I have had the Jansport backpack for my children, which has been brilliant. Lots of different sections, a water bottle holder, washable, padded adjustable straps and a comfortable fit.

Good Luck!

Published on: Last updated: 17th January 2024

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