How To Choose The Right Nanny For Your Children

The Nanny industry has certainly gone through a transition in the last few years. Things we feel have changed that are relevant and need to be considered:

  • Wages- up by £2 per hour in the last year alone. A experienced Nanny will be asking for £14-£15 per hour net (£20-£21 per hour employer total cost)
  • More shared care roles than sole charge/more parents working from home. Shared care or parents working from home does not suit all child carers.
  • less driving nannies in London. More and more nannies are not able to drive. This is down to back log of lessons and tests, costs of running a car.
  • More nannies not being able to work part time roles less than 20 hours per week. This is due to the cost of living and transport costs. It is not worth working these amount of hours anymore.

The Search For a Nanny

When searching for a nanny now, all of these things need to be taken into consideration. If you do, and are prepared, you will be in a much better mindset, and be able to be competitive employer. So to break it down here are our top tips of things to make your role stand out to be able to attract a good pool of candidates.

  1. Competitive Pay- This will be one of the top considerations of a Nanny, and with the cost of living at the moment, it will be high on the agenda. Make sure your budget will allow for at least the average market rate.
  2. Location- We cant really help where we live, but at the moment with Hammersmith Bridge shut, and the lack of driving nannies , or even if we find a driving nanny, the traffic in those areas like Sheen and Barnes, are more difficult to recruit for. Allow enough time as these are more challenging areas to find nannies.
  3. Hours- Are you offering enough hours? Will your hours be worth the nanny’s while in the current climate?
  4. Special Requirements- Are you restricting your search with special requirements? Requesting bilingual nannies is in high demand at the moment, but because of Brexit and new visa restrictions, they are not as many bilingual nannies here any longer. we are finding a shortage of German, French, and Mandarin speaking nannies.

When employing a Nanny you need to be realistic, and with the ongoing challenges in the current climate these are all important factors to be aware of. Please do contact us with any questions and we will try and support you as much as we can. As ever, leave yourself TIME!

Published on: Last updated: 17th January 2024

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