Shared Care Nanny Top Tips

Are you working in a Shared Care role?

Working in a shared care role can have some challenges. When we listen to Nannies’ reasons why they prefer not to work in a shared care role, the top reasons are:

  1. The children play up when they see their parents. (Top reason!!)
  2. The feel undermined or micro managed by one or both of the parents
  3. They can’t be independent
  4. They feel they can’t make decisions based on what is best for the child/children
  5. They feel like they are being “watched” or “judged”

Whilst we understand some Nannies do prefer to work in a sole charge role for other reasons, working in a shared cared role can be great too! With more parents now working from home and popping in to see the children, here are our top tips to help you.

Communication is key with both parents AND children

You must be clear and transparent about how you would like things to work from the start. Do not let things build up so that you have a situation where everyone is getting upset. Make a plan with the parents about when they are going to come and see the children so you can warn the children when they will see them.

  • “At lunchtime Mummy/Daddy will come and eat with us. After we have eaten they will leave and go back to work”
  • “Today Mummy is going to take you to Monkey Music and afterwards we you come home we will be doing some painting”
  • “After tea Daddy will be home and he is going to do bath time tonight and put you to bed”

Once you start to prepare and warn the children this is happening you must be consistent that you plan all the time.

Be clear with the parents about how you would like things to work, and WHY you would like it to be done this way. If everyone has an understanding of why it is easier to implant.

Make a visual chart

Young toddlers do not like to be surprised!!! Making a visual chart really helps them see what is going to happen. It also helps everyone as a reminder about what is happening during the day. Also write it in your communication diary to remind parents what the timetable is.

Have activities planned

Again it is all about organisation. Having a fun activity planned will help the children become focused in your care.

Always show professionalism

Ultimately always be professional and calm, and if there has been a difficult situation, arrange a time to discuss this with the parents without the children, so you can talk about it constructively and see how you can make things better together. If everyone has felt they have contributed to resolve the situation, it always makes it feel better. I have heard lots of Nannies say that they have to set boundaries with the parents. They are not the children! When working in a shared care role, you must be working as a TEAM, because that way you will have equal respect for one another.

Let us know if you have any top tips for working in a shared cared role!

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

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