Is There a Shortage Of Nannies In Your Area?

It has been reported in a few papers as of October 2021, that there is a Nanny and Au pair shortage, and parents are finding it hard to find childcare. Let’s look at the facts:


Brexit has to be the main reason of shortages, It has already impacted several other industries as we know. Lots of au pairs have come from Europe in the past and now will have to have a pre settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, be eligible to apply to the scheme or have a youth mobility scheme visa. Now these rules are in place, it is more difficult to gain the right to work in the UK. This has significantly reduced the number of au pairs working in the UK and has affected lots of families with their affordable childcare option. Lots of au pairs also go on to study childcare qualifications and become nannies, so I foresee the situation becoming much worse before it gets better.

COVID 19 Pandemic

The pandemic has hit as all, and home-based childcare is no different. Live In Nannies seem to be at a shortage and I think this is because of a few reasons:

  • Live in Nannies have become burnt out after all the extra hours and demand of the job during Lockdown.
  • Parents working from home-not all nannies like to work with parents in the house due to children acting up.
  • Wages going down due to more families needing an “au pair type nanny” (a lot are requesting junior nannies)
  • Australian and New Zealand Nannies not able to get to the UK because of the pandemic.

Rising cost of living

Any role in care has always not been the best paid industry, and nursery work, teaching assistants and some nanny roles wages do not meet the cost of living, especially in London. It is now becoming unsustainable to live in London, pay rent, food, bills and commute. All these factors pay a big part when choosing a role.

More demand on home based childcare?

Lots of nurseries and childminders have had to shut because of poor funding by the Government. This puts more pressure on home-based childcare as demand goes up.

So as you can see the sector is not running smoothly by any means. What’s your view?

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

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