Our Tips For Starting a New Nanny Role

With a new year approaching, many nannies will be starting a new job, so we thought we would write a blog on our top tips of a smooth start with a new family.


Hopefully you will have done a trial with the family before accepting the role, so you have an insight of the role already. Shadowing days are also a good idea, with either Mum or the current Nanny if time allows. This helps you and the children to transition together, and if you have any questions along the way, Mum or the Nanny can help you.

Family Book

We highly recommend having a Family Book. This is a book full of information that will help the new nanny with all sorts of things. This could be the children’s routines, their favourite toys, books, things to watch on TV etc. It will let you know where local shops are, where the hoover is kept, emergency contacts, and so on.

Make a plan

For the first few weeks we advise planning activities and running a theme. This will give you a focus and also the children. It will also give you an opportunity to get to know what your new charges enjoy doing, what their skill set is like and what they may need to work on, gives bonding time with them and keeps everyone busy. We know things don’t always go to plan with children, but it helps to have a bit of structure.

Lots of communication!

We strongly advise lots of communication with your employer. Check in after each day to see if they felt everything has gone OK. If that is not possible, write everything down and arrange a meeting at the end of the week. Communicating regularly can help iron out any teething problems.

Don’t do too much!*

You will be tired in a new role, so try to clear the diary for the first couple of weeks, so you can take everything in and learn your new routine.

If you would like any advice on starting a new role, do get in touch. We also provide family books, so if you would like one of those do not hesitate to enquire.

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

Any Questions?

We would be delighted to discuss any questions you may have! Please do not hesitate to contact us.