Should I Use More Than One Nanny Agency?

When engaging a Nanny agency to help you with your search for a Nanny, there are pros and cons to instructing multiple Nanny agencies, and you have to be extremely organised if that is the way you decide to go.


  • Can be overwhelming with the amount of CV’s you receive

If you have registered with two or more agencies, you could receive up to 10-25 CV’s for your nanny role. That is a lot of CV’s to go though. Will you read all of those CV’s, and absorb each candidate’s information and experience?

  • Can get confusing of which CV has been sent by which agency

If the agency has not put a logo at the top of the CV, and could get confusing who has sent who! My tip would be to print out the CV’s you receive and put them in piles or folders of the agency they have come from.

  • Can get overwhelming with all the emails/phone calls

You will receive a lot of emails from the agencies! Not only the CV’s, but reminders and follow up phone calls.

  • Time consuming

With double the help, you will receive double the time needed to respond to everyone, as well as interviewing multiple candidates.

  • You will let someone down

With lots of people helping, you will have to inevitably let others down, which can be frustrating when someone is working hard for you. You don’t want to be considered as a “time waster” or that effort will diminish.


  • Lots of choice

Engaging multiple agencies can offer you choice and will get your role noticed

  • Time

If you do not have a lot of time, this can be the fastest way to gain choice and choose a Nanny quickly (although I never recommend rushing when choosing a nanny)

  • Choice of budget and style

Different agencies work in different styles, will have different fees and services. For example, a high end nanny agency versus a Nanny job board or facebook group which is free.

My top tip, is put aside time, if you can, for your Nanny search. If you don’t have a lot of time, then you will need to be incredibly organised with your approach, to answering emails and phone calls, reading CV’s and organising interviews.

Published on: Last updated: 1st December 2023

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